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Dublin is the big city in Ireland that serves as the cultural and economic center of the country. The city is well known as being a center where some of the most famous authors have come to prominence and the nearby coastline provides a beautiful and inspiring setting. This is a big city with much to do and see while you are here so budgeting your time accordingly is a must. The following activities are great ways to see the real Dublin and get a taste for the distinct culture that is found nowhere else.

An Evening of Food Folklore and fairies is a great attraction in Dublin where travelers from all over the world come to have an authentically Irish experience. From the food to the beer, the music to the stories, this attraction is a great way to get acquainted with Irish culture. This is a great event to attend with a group and the staff makes sure that everyone who attends has an unforgettable experience. The traditional Irish cuisine and beer available top off the evening and for the reasonable cost of entry, this show is a no brainer.


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The National Botanical Gardens in Dublin is a great place to come and see the gorgeous nature that exists in this part of the world. There are 6 species of plants here that are already extinct in the wild and another 300 that are endangered throughout the world. The gardens are open seven days a week and for a small fee guided tours are available to the public. The gardens are the place to come be one with nature and learn about the fascinating variety of different plant species that live here.

Dublin is a city that is prized for its literary contributions as well as its delicious local beers. Both of these characteristics of this beautiful Irish city can be explored on the Dublin Literary Pub Crawl, which is a wonderful activity for travelers to get out, have a good time and learn about the literary history if Dublin, while sampling some of its delicious local beers. This is a great mixture of information and relaxation as you can take in all you want too about the history of these masters of literature all while bellying up to the bars and grabbing a pint to make you mind wander back to the days when the Irish authors once scoured these same streets.

Dublin City Bike Tours is a company that has built a reputation for providing great tours around Dublin for travelers looking for a fun way to explore the city. Your group will be given a bicycle and a map for each person before heading out on a fascinating tour of the beautiful city of Dublin. What better way is there to see Dublin then with a group of travelers, rolling through the city and learning about your new surroundings with the help of your informative guide? This is an excellent way to get acquainted with the city of Dublin and a top attraction when in Dublin.

The Shelbourne Park Greyhound Stadium is a very unique place to come and see as a tourist and the greyhound races here are very exciting. Whether you are looking to bet big on the winners or just see the races and eat a good meal, this is a great venue to do both. While we hear about the bike tours, wine tastings and other tourist trail activities often, this event is something that you might only see here in Dublin and a great way to put a change up into your trips itinerary.



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