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How many of us when viewing art, wish we possessed the talent to create such inspiring and emotive creations as paintings and sculptures? After all, isn't art about telling a story? Making a point? Or just purely giving pleasure? The Green Gallery in Saint Stephen's Green Shopping Centre which is adjacent to trendy Grafton Street and opposite the St. Stephen's Green park, in the epicentre of Dublin's sophisticated south side, is one of Dublin's foremost retail galleries, allowing visitors to take home a piece of pleasure which just keeps on giving.

The Green Gallery occupies the top floor of the shopping centre, with works from carefully selected artists, known and unknown, decorating the pedestrian areas of the floor. An eclectic mix of materials, genres and styles are all on display and on sale. Whether you simply want to appreciate the work of Irish artists and the prints and exhibitions without spending a cent or wish to find a gift for your self or a loved one, you are spoiled for choice here.

There are prints, portraits, still life, landscapes, seascapes and abstract pieces in a mixture of oils, acrylics, watercolours, drawings, and bronze sculptures all to be found. You can have a budget of €20 or €2000, all tastes and wallets are catered for. Works by well known modern artists such as Peter Knuttel, Tetiana Tsarvk, Alan Kenny, Serguei Zlenko, and Johnathan Knuttel are sprinkled along the gallery's walls.

The artists themselves are sometimes present, which is a fabulous opportunity to meet the creator of the piece you may decide to hang in your living room for the next ten years. The artists are both Irish and international; the eldest Mr. Ross Eccles is in his seventies, and has been showcasing his work in the gallery since 1995. There are also artists from Lithuania and Spain contributing to the selection in the Gallery.

If you love the style but not the piece, why don't you commission your own individual piece? Special commissions are always welcome at The Green Gallery, and deposits are accepted.

Temporary exhibitions are usually on display here too, so perhaps you can wait to see what interesting and surprising treats are being showcased, if you can hold out and not check the website in advance!

Don't expect peace and quiet as you wander around The Green Gallery; this is a highly busy and fashionable shopping centre after all and the place is often packed with adults and children, sometimes making it difficult to stand back and appreciate the works. So if you prefer peace and quiet, its best to head there on the weekday mornings. It makes a perfect morning activity, since you have cafés and restaurants also in the shopping centre, so you can finish off with a light lunch before heading on to another of Dublin city's points of interest.

Entrance to the gallery is free, there is no booking required and no tours run.

Just browse around to your heart's content, it could take you can hour or two to view all the exhibits.

Opening hours:
Monday to Saturday 9.00am to 7pm
Thursdays 9.00am to 8pm
Sunday and Bank Holidays 11am to 6pm.


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