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If you're hunting for hands-on history and heritage, you have to head to Dublinia and the Viking World, a haunting medieval and viking experience in Dublin. A great family historical attraction in the heart of Dublin city; adults, don't underestimate how fascinating this experience is, even without the kids.

Dublinia can be found at the intersection of St Michael's Hill, Patrick Street, and High Street, in Dublin city centre. The building itself is attached to the gothic St. Michael's Tower, which was once part of the church of St. Michael the Archangel, on the site of which Dublinia now stands. It is also linked to Christ Church Cathedral by a medieval stone footbridge.

There are three permanent exhibitions inside Dublinia and the Viking World; Viking Dublin, Medieval Dublin and History Hunters.

Where did the Vikings come from? How did they survive the long and perilous sea voyages? How did they look and what weapons did they carry? Educational and funny, get interactive and try on some Viking clothes. Become a Viking slave and attempt to drag the heavy chains as you walk down the noisy street. Domestic life of Vikings is also on display, with a smoked and pokey Viking house. Become a Viking child and learn the runic alphabet. Recitations of Viking poetry and tales can be heard. Uncover all the Viking myths and legends. This startlng and interesting exhibit will capture your imagination and transport you back to the time of the founders of Dublin.

In Medieval Dublin, the sights, sounds and even spicy aromas of the busy city are recreated for you, stretching back to Strongbow in the Norman times around 1000AD to the medieval Irish Reformation of 1600 AD. Learn to play medieval games in the medieval fair. Visit a merchant's kitchen and stroll along a bustling medieval street, complete with beggar seeking your change! Learn of the diseases which could kill you and the medieval medicines that were more likely to! The various crime and punishments of that lawless time will surely turn your stomach and you'll be relieved to step back to the present as enter the History Hunters exhibit.

History Hunters is an engaging exhibit that will teach you how archaeology works. Dig deep to uncover Dublin's history and you might stumble upon some Viking or Medieval artefacts! See authentic artefacts including a medieval skeleton unearthed in Dublin. Hear the Gaelic language and read the Ogham language - ancient languages of Ireland.

With so much to take in, see how you can fare against the Time Detectives at the end of your visit to test all your new found knowledge.

If you've a head for heights head up the steps of the adjoining Saint Michael's Tower for a panoramic view of Dublin city, then come back down to earth and enjoy the gift shop and café, if only to see the stunning stained glass in the beautiful stone arch windows.

Dublinia is easy to get to, walking straight up Dame Street from Trinity College or take the Luas Tram redline to the Four Courts stop and it's a seven minute stroll in both cases to Dublinia and the Viking World.

Entrance is charged. Dublinia is open daily throughout the year.
Early opening for June and July 09.30am to 5.00pm
April to September 10.00am to 5.00pm
October to March 10.00am to 4.30pm


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