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Jaw-dropping doesn't quite cover it. 'Enthralling' is an underestimation. Place yourself in the presence of artistic genius at the Hugh Lane Gallery of Modern Art. A gem of a museum often compared to the Tate Modern of London, the Hugh Lane promises a mesmerising experience, and you will not be disappointed. How so much beauty can be cram-packed into one relatively small building is an achievement in itself.

Located on Dublin city centre's Parnell Square, just a few minutes stroll from O'Connell Street's main thoroughfare, and adjacent to the Gardens of Remembrance, you will find the Hugh Lane in the 18 th century Charlemont House, a Georgian style mansion house. It is understated and subtle on the outside, hiding treasures of modern art within.

The permanent collection in the Hugh Lane is a small collection, spread over three floors, but enough to make your eyes bulge. Treasures from artists such as Jack B. Yeats, William Orpen , Sean Scully and many more reside here.

Just as impressive are renowned and priceless masterpieces from the Hugh Lane Bequest of 1917 including 'Lavacourt under Snow' by Claude Monet, 'Bains de Mer (petite fille peignée par sa bonne)'' by Edgar Degas, 'The Mantlepiece' by Edouard Vuillard and 'La Musique aux Tuileries' by Edouard Manet.

The museum houses a stunning selection of stunning stained glass windows by a range of exemplary artists, notably the infamous 'The Eve of St Agnes' by celebrated Irish stained-glass artist Harry Clarke. Visitors often mention this piece time and time again as a highlight of the gallery.

Just when you think you can't gasp anymore, you will find your all your aesthetic senses in wonderment as you enter the Francis Bacon studio. Born in Ireland to parents of British descent, Bacon was a figurative painter known for his austere, graphic, bold, raw imagery. Many regard the Bacon collection at the Hugh Lane as reason enough alone to visit this gallery. The Hugh Lane collection of Francis Bacon drawings is one of the largest and is a good representative of the works Bacon was producing in the period from the 1930s to the 1980s. Almost one quarter of the material in the studio is photographic material and there are approximately 100 slashed canvases spanning fifty years of the artist's career. A range of books and furniture from the artist's personal belongings are also held here.

To top off your tour, check out the temporary exhibitions that may be available at the time of your visit. Usually about four exhibitions are in being showcased at any one time, for a period of about four months each. The Hugh Lane regularly runs concert evenings as well as lectures and film screenings.

At the end of your visit you can sit back and relax in the café serving snacks and light lunches, or browse the on site bookshop offering visitors a wide range of stock on Irish art, modern and contemporary art, photography, architecture and art theory.

Entrance is free. The Gallery is open:

Tuesday to Thursday 10.00am - 6.00pm
Friday & Saturday 10.00am - 5.00pm
Sunday 11.00am - 5.00pm
Closed Mondays



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