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Dublin has some excellent accommodation to suit all budgets. Please click here to book Dublin accommodation.

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Who am I booking with?
Eguide is not a booking agency. All bookings are made with very carefully selected and monitored partners. Eguide are very pleased to partner with Hotel Club for our Dublin accommodation bookings. Operated by Flairview Travel Pty Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cendant Corporation and part of Cendant Travel Distribution Services Division they have been providing online reservation services since 1996 for more than 15,000 hotels in over 80 countries worldwide.

As stated by Hotel Club:

"Product - We seek to provide the most comprehensive list of accommodation products around the world.

Pricing - We are able to provide the most competitive rates across our line of accommodation products, utilising our strong purchasing power.

Customer service - We are committed to providing excellent service to our customers and it is our objective to ensure that all our customers around the world enjoy a hassle-free online reservation experience.

Security - We ensure the complete security of your personal and credit card details by using SSL encryption.

In addition, we work with leading financial institutions around the world to provide a highly secure and easy to use payment system, giving consumers confidence and security when making online payments.


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